A sunny room with twin beds and view over the south lawn.

The apartment’s kitchen is equipped with hearth and a (two plate) electro stove, a sizeable fridge, water heater, percolator, cookware, crockery and cutlery. Fine weather provided, you can enjoy your meals at the table setting available for you in the garden beside the south lawn.

And the beach lies only a good fifty metres behind the close-by property border and a narrow stripe of fir trees growing on the shore-side dune that marks this border!

Information brochures and –maps covering the area here and the wider surroundings of our location here in the “Slitere” National Park, including all sightseeing spots, trekking and bicycling routes, are available for you here, of course.

We would ask you to kindly consider, however:

During top season (July and August) we will normally be able to grant you reservation of one of our rooms, or of the entire holiday apartment, for a minimum duration of one whole week. Circumstances and availability provided, we’d be happy to accommodate you, still.

Therefore, don’t be shy to contact us and enquire!